The Rhythm of a campaign is the rhythm of change

Change is scary, tough and no one likes it. However, everything changes and if we don’t adapt we will soon become irrelevant, outdated and finally destroyed. Keeping the status quo requires us to know the rules, procedures and processes and to follow them closely. Implementing change, on the contrary, requires creativity, disruption and courage. Change is implemented through a campaign, a focused and dedicated stream of activities that lead us to achieving our goal. To begin, you must lay a firm foundation and move forward, at each step of your way you should create a greater capacity and build momentum that will bring you closer to your goal that will finally lead you to achieving your goal.

Through our Campaign Development program participants will:

*Learn how to develop a campaign with a clear and defined goals;

*Think innovatively about using and creating resources

*Learn how to construct a timeline for the campaign that will best align activities and resources for optimal results;

*Learn how to strategize effectively;

*Learn how to manage the people, processes and structures involved in the campaign process.

Ultimately, clients will grow and build capacity, develop a different perspective and understanding of resource management, and realize that change requires full engagement of all people as the main drivers of change. These lessons and skills are key to successful campaigns and positive change.