Dunja Pejić

Dunja Pejić


Dunja was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as soon as the war was over she has recognized that tourism could bring people together and speed up reconciliation process in her country, besides giving the boost to the war-devastated economy. After she had graduated in Tourism and Geography from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, she started working at Ministry of Trade and Tourism in her home country for many years. She also holds an MA in Tourism and Cultural Industries from London Metropolitan University.

As she well understood the importance of the shared values, empowerment of the teams and the ability to communicate the needs in a proper way, she started to learn and practice more of the leadership skills during different fellowships programs she was awarded abroad. At some point of her career, as she was frustrated with the inefficiency of the Government, she took a turn for a few years and established an organic farm, which soon started to make a positive impact on the local community due to the promotion of the social values that might bring social change.

Dunja now lives in Istria, Croatia and successfully combines travel-related business, local community development and leadership development throuhg coaching public narrative.