Become the leader you were meant to be

We believe that leaders are developed, not born. We believe that leadership is about enabling others to respond to challenges purposefully. Leaders do that by calling on shared values and providing a pathway to purposeful action.
Looking at leadership from this perspective one can see that leadership is much more about “learning” than about “knowing”, more about “adaptation” than “control”, and much more about “practice” than “position”. To lead with integrity, one needs to have a clear understanding of their own values, resources, aspirations and thus, the first leadership skill one needs to obtain is Public Narrative.


Traditionally, businesses used data to persuade and motivate, but scientific evidence shows that without active participation of emotions the human brain is unable to make decision. Thus, if we want to move and inspire someone, or even just make an impression, we must be able to tell our story.
Public narrative is a leadership skill and tool that could be used to motivate and inspire audiences and team members, and to promote personal ideas to others – including colleagues, managers, board of directors, and investors. Leaders must use public narrative to address organizational challenges and enable and motivate people to act and to engage them in creating solutions, as well as build trust among team members.  Important innovators and leaders like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, and many others rely on public narrative to share their visions and energize those around in order to create change.
Believing that leadership is learned, we are dedicated to working with others to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to successfully perform a leadership role in the world today.

 We lead clients through development of public narrative, presentation and public speaking skills, message framing, persuasion, adaptive leadership skills and more;

*We will help you develop a better understanding of yourself as a leader, decision maker and a person, which allows for better understanding of others, work and the world around you – an absolute necessity;

*You will better understand others, their hopes and fears, their individual and group dynamics, which will all together help you think on how to best enable them to achieve shared goals;

*YouYou will better understand how people hear you and how to better convey messages that capture both minds and hearts.;